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Softgels Solgels®

Softgels are ideal for formulations made with vegetable oils, fish or krill.

Softgels Solchem

Softgels are ideal for formulations made ​​with vegetable oils, fish or krill. They also allow us to combine oils with powdered ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, certain plant extracts or food supplements.
Softgels have different sizes and shapes which allow the customers to choose the dosage they want, and they can decide also the shell coverage: bovine, vegetable or fish.

Softgels information

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Our concentrate fish oil softgels has one only source, INCROMEGA™ fish oil by CRODA, its quality it is certificated by PUREMAX™ and FRIENDS OF THE SEA© logos.
All Omega 3 concentrate oils by Croda Incromega™ are obtained under a patented process PUREMAX™ which follow the highest standard of quality and purity.

Empty capsules Solcaps®

Solchem Nature deals ​empty gelatine capsules suitable for food supplement industry and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Softgels Solchem

Solchem Nature deals ​​empty gelatine capsules suitable for food supplement industry and pharmaceutical laboratories. Gelatine capsules are available in different sizes (# 1, # 0 and # 00), composition (animal gelatin or vegetable HMPC) and colours, which can be customized according customer preferences.

All our empty gelatin capsules meet quality and safety requirements according current European regulations, as for example those related to the use of colour dyestuffs. Besides our offer of standard capsules, we offer empty capsules "on demand" attending special needs (bicolour capsules, printed with text or other requirements).


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raw material commodities

A variety of raw materials standards of quality guaranteed.

Softgels Solchem

Raw materials that Solchem Nature classify as "commodities" are generic ones with guaranteed quality and safety parameters. Our Quality Control System ensures that suppliers of these materials are homologated according to our strict quality criteria. Solchem requirements include GMP, ISO or HACCP certification from our suppliers.

Raw material commodities

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Raw material Premiums

Raw materials premiums are supported by scientific and clinical studies. Quality Guaranteed!

Materias primas Premium Solchem

Besides generic raw materials, Solchen Nature offers special ingredients, called PREMIUM, which have special and distinctive characteristics. The quality and effectiveness of these raw materials are supported by scientific and clinical studies.

Among other highlighted PREMIUMS

Ingredients by application

Nutraceuticals by Solchem

Solchem Nature has available own raw materials of contrasted quality.

Nutraceutical by Solchem

Solchem Nature possesses a limited number of own nutraceuticals manufactured by pharmaceutical laboratories of proven quality in the field of food supplements.

The quality of these nutraceuticals is supported by scientific, observational or clinical studies as well as stability follow-ups and efficacy tests, which rank in a privileged place in each area for which they have been developed.

Jointsol® is a nutraceutical that combines a special rose hips extract (Rosa canina L.), included in a matrix of hydrolysed collagen. This mixture, clinically proven, shows anti-inflammatory action of the joint as well as regeneration of articular cartilage. The presence of rose hips extract can reduce the dosage of hydrolysed collagen recommended as usual, and shortens the period during which the person note an improvement on mobility.
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Aloesol® is the trade mark for organically grown aloe vera plants, from which we obtain the direct juice. This juice can be supplied as pure 1x, concentrate 10x or in dry powder 200x that can be reconstituted adding only water. Aloesol® is offered with or without fibres and with three different qualities depending on the content of acemmanans: BASIC, ADVANCED and PREMIUM.
Aloesol® can be provided as 100% ORGANIC (only for 1x juice with fibre PREMIUM and powder 200x PREMIUM) or conventional when added preservatives to its stabilisation.
Aloesol® is aloin free (less than 0.1 ppm), which means that can be safely taken.
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Megaflora 9™ is a product made from 9 active probiotic strains included in a matrix that serves as nutritional support. Megaflora 9™ is not just a blend of strains and ingredients. The selected strains grow in a culture medium consisting in prebiotic ingredients as well as vitamins and minerals that brings a correct balanced of this mixture.
Megaflora 9™has a stability of 36 months at room temperature, resists the passage through the gastrointestinal tract (and for this reason a coating process is not necessary), and reach the intestine where colonizes and stimulates the development of local bacterial flora.
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A selection of semi-finished raw materials in gelatin capsules, softgels or tablets considering price/quality ratio.

Semielaborados Solchem

Solchem Nature offers to his customers a range of selected semi-finished products manufactured in gelatin caps, soft gels or tablets. Our purpose is to make easier the introduction of new lines in the market of food supplements giving the possibility to buy a reduced quantity compared with the minimum quantities of tailored made products, which some time need big productions. In addition the delivery time for these semi-finished products is also short because they are always in stock.

Solchem has taken into consideration a good quality/price ratio for these selected semi-finished products. In fact, some of these formulations can be considered as really innovative products because of the presence of some Premium raw materials.

Standard softgels

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Sachets & Sticks

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