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Solchem's R&D department offers a comprehensive service that ranges from the initial idea to the product ready to be marketed, or a specific customer need.

Solchem is prepared to advise at different stages of a new dietary, cosmetic or food product.



The main idea can come from the client, or arise in a joint work meeting. From that moment on, a study will be carried out taking into account various factors: application of the product, legislation, market trends, competition or other success stories.

The study will allow determining the most optimal natural and nutritional ingredients for product formulation. An attempt will be made to offer at least one PREMIUM ingredient with added value (with studies or standardization of active ingredients) on which a solid argument for the product can be based. Once the study is finished, Solchem will propose a documented formula to the client, which will be the basis for the joint development of the project.


  • Idea of product application
  • Search for novel “Premium” raw materials
  • Proposal of formulas


Once the formula has been determined, it is necessary to decide on the ideal presentation in terms of galenic form, quantity per unit of sale, type of packaging, among others. These parameters will be decisive and will be influenced by the sales channel, type of target customer, market price, dosage, competing products.

Subsequently, the need or not to carry out a pilot batch and its size will be decided, as well as the optimal size of the industrial batch.

Once the product has been manufactured, stability studies will be carried out if the client requests them. Finally, the client will have a semi-finished product pending packaging and final packaging, or a totally finished product.


Presentation according to:
  • Sales channel
  • Dosage
  • Client type
  • Target price
  • Investment
Economic proposal:
  • Pilot batch
  • Industrial lot


Our work does not end when the project is finished and ready for sale. Our desire is to help in everything possible in the promotion of the product.

That is why we collaborate closely to achieve the key sales arguments and competitive advantages based on the PREMIUM ingredients used. We help in the creation of technical-commercial presentations about the product and we can even provide training support to the commercial network.

At Solchem we go beyond the simple manufacture of a product, we get involved in its launch, we intend to be participants in the success of our customers.


  • Information on Premium ingredients
  • Technical-commercial description of the approved formula
  • Training for the sales team

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